Thursday, December 30, 2004

A firm believer in Food

As i write this, I am trying to juggle eating a bowl of frozen fruit salad and writing something coherent and of literary value to the world.

I believe there's always something to be said about food. Good food especially.
I have always loved eating, savoring each new taste.
Don't get me wrong. I have also managed to eat alot of disgusting stuff. (not naman ala Fear Factor though).

Anyway I feel like I am skirting the real issues in my life though.
I am in more quasi-relationships than I know how to handle.
I want to take care of someone who I know will not want that kind of attention from his best friend.
I want to forget someone who will not let go of me for lack of better opportunities at a relationship.
I am at a loss to describe how me and an ex are trying to piece together some semblance of a friendship.
I am not even ready to go into anything. But I feel like I am drawn to be part of something.

I am not making any sense. Let's just talk about food.

Yesterday, I had more Chinese food in my tummy than I ever thought possible. (Hello Aji-no-moto!)
I never knew that mushrooms could be cooked in so many yummylicious fantastic ways!
I ate more garlic rice than my low-carb diet would ever allow.
I got to play with the pot-bellied pig and baby monkey in diapers that brought good luck to the restaurant. (oh-so-cute!~)
But more importantly, I was able to be in the company of truly good people who I also happen to call my friends.

It was a fun day. Although I could not help stealing glances at the guy who I refuse to like more than necessary.

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