Wednesday, December 05, 2012

game over

There are days when no manner how well you try to plan things, everything just gets thrown out the window anyway.

Take last weekend for instance, there was no way I could have imagined that things would turn out the way they did. Some for the better, and some I’d prefer to have just skipped over entirely.

The highlight of my weekend was supposed to be my first ever race. A 4 mile run that I tried to prepare for two weeks ago. I tried to prep my muscles and tracked my speed at the treadmill while mentally psyching myself up for a new challenge. But come race day, everything got shot to hell. I barely had two hours’ sleep (don’t ask). I wore running shoes that I bought the day before. I wasn’t even mentally prepared because of certain things that transpired over the night that still got my mind reeling. In other words, I thought I was f**ked. Add to that the dreary weather and I thought I’d be sick as a dog halfway through the run. But I ended up doing pretty okay. Not too shabby at 7.7minutes per kilometer. Although I slept like a log right after brunch though.

So now I just gave my mind something new to chew on. I asked for it and now I wish I hadn’t. Things, like those little always-awkward moments between us, are just better left alone. I’ve been told time and again to just take things for what they are and save my brain cells for better things than just analyzing and overanalyzing what has always been so painfully obvious. But nobody wants to be the first to admit when they’ve been played. And you play very well, I admit.

At least I’m not so curious about you anymore.

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