Monday, October 29, 2007

Wait conscious

I am now officially 20 pounds overweight.
After my first ever appointment with a nutritionist, I have now confirmed what I have already known since I decided to start my undying tempestuous love affair with dark chocolate. ("I know it's wrong, but who am I to resist?")
But it ain't so bad, I honestly thought I needed to lose more than double that.
Stupid, distorted me.

Anyway, the nutrition lady said I had 3-5 months to attain this goal.
I thought my agonizing toothache from weeks ago would've helped slim me down by now.
Even the ache from the unexpected tooth impaction is still making its presence known until now.
But all those yummy coffee jelly concoctions have been proving me otherwise.
Darn you, you jelly-like, lovely sugary, wiggly-jiggly, cheap and affordable little things.

I am pretty dead set on attaining this goal.
Bar birthdays, christmas & new year parties and the occasional trip to my favorite new japanese green tea cafe (I love you Kozui!), I will be lean again.
I guess it is kinda neat not to be able to afford everything after all.
No wonder there aren't too many overweight poets in the world.

I read in a popular magazine that guys find women who aren't self-conscious more attractive than those who are.
It doesn't matter how much you weigh, but how you carry that weight around that attracts guys.
So I wonder where sporty girls come in on that equation.
Sports give you self-confidence. But does it give you too much that guys (especially the local kind) find it too intimidating for their taste?
Honestly, I just can't win.

But except for being irritated at my extra flab, I am pretty happy with the way I look.
I love my body because it hasn't failed me (yet).
I'm just hoping this crick in my knee miraculously goes away (yeah right).
But all in all, i'm alright.
I am so glad I can say that.
Goodbye fat, just you wait.

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