Sunday, October 21, 2007

All is well

I'm back.
After reading a couple of my old posts, It kinda got me missing the whole blogging business.
I never thought I would enjoy it in the first place, but here I am now satisfying an unexpected need. (which is especially good after wracking my brain trying to finish two long articles on a lazy sunday when I'm supposed to be out on the field training with my team)

I've been freelancing ever since I got back. Kinda cool. Been up to my neck with stuff to do, pictorials and events to attend, articles to write and people to meet. It's so easy to kill time when all you want to do is get the year over and done with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Of course, it goes without saying I'm broke too. One can't live on babysitting and housesitting alone for the past six months, dollar earnings or not.
But I wouldn't trade that trip for the world.

You name it, I've written it by now. Ever since I got back I've accepted all sorts of stuff from different publications. Mommy mags, sports mags, celebrity gossip mags and even toyed with the idea of getting into corporate stuff. I use up my money for transpo, internet cafe expenses and of course in order to continue my preference for anything-but-fast-food grub. I feel like upchucking at the thought of eating another microwaveable meal or Hot Pockets this year. It was fun for a week or two, but that stuff is just dpwnright nasty if you had to eat it everyday. If that's one reason why I'm glad to be back, it would be because of that. Here in the Philippines, you don't need to resort to super-mega-over processed food just to get by. I have recently discovered a friendly neighborhood resto masquerading as a carinderia and so far, with their P40 kare-kare and P35 beef steak, I am one happy camper.

I've also recently had to bid a sad adieu to one of my lesser beloved molars, but thats a whole other (whiny) story altogether.

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