Friday, September 02, 2005

Who wears the Pants

You really learn something new everyday.

And sometimes from the unlikeliest of places, mind you.
I got my latest nugget of knowledge from a cab driver today.
We were stuck in traffic (I had to pick up a designer gown we were gonna use for a pictorial and it simply could not be folded or arranged in a manner that would have made it easier or more comfortable for me to carry). And during one godawful long stoplight, the driver turns his head around and asks me what I think about girls wearing jeans. I told him I never really gave a flying fig about it. I always thought it was natural for clothing to evolve into what was more comfortable (as well as cool).

Well anyway, he starts telling me about the time when he remembers that there weren't even any pants available for women (he must've been really old). That it was considered weird for a woman to walk around wearing clothes meant for "just the menfolk." I look out the window and think about it. How things have changed and how things will change even more.

He also mentions how skirts nowadays always seem to get shorter and shorter. There's another interesting nuance he also points out. Apparently, men don't understand why girls in micro-minis keep trying to pull their skirts down when they know its not gonna stretch any further down. Makes their being conscious more conspicuous. Not really cool.


Rachel said...

ay tanong ko din yan sa sarili ko.. suot suot ng maiksi tas hihilahin pababa.. *shakes head*

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Anonymous said...

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