Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I hate being sick.
First off, your body stops listening to you and goes off on its own way of coping with its pains.
Chills, muscle pains, fever, dizziness, nosebleeds.... all this crap I've had to deal with since Sunday, when I started feeling woozy.

Now I'm back at work (of my own free will), still dizzy but making myself useful.
At home all I did was watch Harry Potter movies and a Taiwanese series based on Japanese Manga called "Mars."
To put it bluntly, Its about traumatized people and how they deal with their pasts. More than that, its also an addicting love story starring Barbie Hsu and Vic Zhou of Meteor Garden fame. I love it that they switch character profiles in this series. she's now the subservient and quiet doormat Qui Luo, while he plays brash and reckless aspiring Grand prix rider Ah Ling.

Its the middle of the afternoon and i think i am just going to go home.
i'm feeling quite melancholic today.
I hate thinking about my birthday.


wanderlust junkie said...

*hugs* i wish i can keep you company me just being so sadn and depressed here... argh.... hope you feel better :-)

Rachel said...


san ka nakakuha ng copy ng MARS?

vcd ba?

pwede bang pahiram, kopyahin ko lang..

Pretty pleaseeee

*drops down on her knees and begs*

Anonymous said...

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