Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The rains finally stopped today.
Time to bring out the leggings and ballet flats again.
I've been hiding under layers and layers of sloppy clothing the past few days (great excuse to wear two jackets at the same time.)
So easy to slide into that routine of looking androgynous and apathetic.
The thing with clothing, even when you try not to look like you pieced together an outift, whether you just opted for grunge or sporty or goth, truth is you still cared enough to choose what to wear to pull off that exact un-put-together look.
An ex of mine once commented "You dress like you just put on whatever you got from your closet without looking, at least that's what you want people to think."
Much to my dismay, he's right. I have to agree.
I won't wear just anything.
A girl has got to have some standards, at least in that department.


rica said...

ay, agree ako jan sister.

kaya nga ngayon, may dugyot look na na tinatawag. hehe.

neh, fashion doesn't come in with clothes.

people pull it off.

mwah. =)

A new version of Me said...

ur right.... rainy days have a way of bringing out the dugyot look in us... well, by us, I mean, us who take the public transport... hehehe

and oh my boss always say, "either you have it or not" so keber kung dugyot ka.. kung maganda ka... maganda ka kahit ano pang suot mo! hahaha