Saturday, April 29, 2006

More ramblings...

Saturday night and I'm at the office.
Woke up too early, trying to be dragged out of bed by an overzealous aunt.
I think she's gonna get over her jetlag faster than letting the fact sink that I am never going to be a morning person. ever.

Spent the afternoon watching pigkin balls fly overhead. (actually no, there were more flying dust and bodies than actual balls. The games today weren't so great). felt like I was reffing junior league flag instead of the last elimination game before the playoffs.

I was waiting for a cute outdoor magazine photographer to cover the game for a sports mag I'm freelancing at. He was very late. But eventually, he did get the shots he needed. Ended up having take a few shots of my team practicing too. (we were practicing "crazy" routes for next week's all-star weekend). Crazy routes are bound to be fun. it involves putting one finger on the ground and twirling yourself 10 times before running, then doing an egg roll after 5 yards and then a cartwheel after another 10 yards. I can't wait! Although I kinda fell down already after 5 twirls, I ddin't even get to run. It was hilarious. But the zinger is, you don't exactly win for being the fastest, Apparently, the crazy team reps decided it was gonna be judged based on creativity, fluidity of movement (whatever the heck that means) and speed.

Our next game is the semis. Against a very tough team. Skill-wise, I'm happy where my team is at. But personally, I feel that if we really want to be assured of a win, we need to be ready. And being ready involves practice. to just practice, but a good set of preparations (mental and physical). I anticipate alot of brand new bumps and bruises to crop up after this game. I hope noone gets seriouslu hurt though, especially me!

Geez, I seem to be droning on and on about football today. probably because it's the only thing i feel in control of right now. I got to check out my stats earlier and I'm pretty happy with how I've been doing (read: I do not suck yet. I can be an old fogey next season). But if your gonna ask me about how work and everyhting else in life is doing, i probably will give you a couple of inaudible mumbles that amounts to basically nothing.

Work is fine. But for the first time, I've had a naked-in-a-public-area dream. And apparently, that symbolizes stress or anxiousness about something. I feel like i should resign already though. Got far-off places to go to, things to do and time to spend (finally!). We'll see... I really want to see this to "fruition" (borrowing a big word from a big friend)