Monday, March 13, 2006

I wanna be MK

I am not 150 pounds.
I am not going to believe that stupid vintage-looking scale in the middle of my gym (embarassingly located right smack where everyone can see the godawful reality of how indoor fitness is NOT working for you)

But then again, there was my pre, post and in-between holiday bingeing (the whole "Oh, one more slice of moist chocolatey caramel-filled devil's cake won't make a difference")
Ha! yeah right it did.
Then there was my all-time rationalizing ("Oh geez, it's not as if I won't be able to work this out this week. I've been working my off at the office all week! i'm allowed to pig out on weekends!")

Actually, I'm pretty happy with my body. Hell, even my closest friends are fine with the way I look. Except maybe for my thunder (soccer) thighs (an unavoidable event, unless I wanted to suck at the sport), I think i pretty far from what you would call overweight.

I still have a pretty good sense of balance, thanks to ballet (my yoga instructor always says balance is power, so the more balance you have, the more power you have over/in your body). If my knees were made of steel, I'd still be inclined to dive, do laterals and make quick cuts all over the place. I've built up my resistance to a point where i don't have to huff and grunt like an ogre everytime i climb up a long flight of stairs (woo-hoo!). I like doing sprints. I like varying speeds. I have finally found some sense of joy in running (although, compared to other stuff, it's still pretty boring to me). But on the days when I can't work out, I just run.

Another peculiar habit I've picked up recently is reading online tabloid news. But it's been having an adverse effect on me though. The celebs these rags have supposedly been picking on are some of the celebs I end up glorifying in my head. Take for instance MK, I admit, she could pass for a bag lady. But I love how she can wear mismatched layered clothes, big buddha bead necklaces and flat thong sandals all day (sans the cigarette and tall cuppa Starbucks though). I am even compelled to buy a leather aquamarine (I'm just totally lovestruck with this color!) bag, not Balenciaga of course. But I feel that it would just go with any outfit (bag lady look or not). Haha, life's little inanities can bring such little surges of joy to me right now.

Its not that I want to be MK, I just want to be fit (take note: i didn't say thin) enough to be able to walk around with clothes that are draped, not hugging me.


A new version of Me said...

at bket, anong masama sa pagbabasa ng online tabloid! teehee

ngayon lang ulit nadaan.. :)

wanderlust junkie said...

heeeeyyyyyyy!!!!!! how ar eyou? grabe, tagal ko na nandito di pa rin tayo nagkikita! how's about a cuppa joe sometime dear? lemme know (btw, i busted my fone so lemme know if that's you texting heheh)_ *hugs*

Anonymous said...

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